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The bottleneck of energy storage is at battery, the critical breakthrough of whose performance is at battery material. As such, the Group established the “Energy Storage Technology Research Centre” at the end of 2012 and recruited more than ten Masters and technical personnels with working experience domestically and abroad. Under the leadership of the existing technical management and core technical staff, the Group has carried out professional researches on batch production of graphene, production process of anode and cathode materials and electrolyte, as well as battery packaging and testing. The research and development centre has a joint research and development team consisting of the domestic research and development team, the Singapore joint research and development team and the team from major shareholder, CALT

After more than two years of research and development, the research centre has made a breakthrough, allowing batch production and industrial promotion of graphene materials by the Group with technical and cost advantages, thereby maintaining the leading position in both domestic and international market. The main achievements include:

  • Graphene preparation technology: We have now grasped two methods to prepare graphene (i.e. the chemical method and mechanical exfoliation method), and we are now able to produce products in batch production industrially
  • Graphene-based battery anode material: With graphene added to battery anode materials, it could guarantee an initial charge-discharge efficiency of 95% and a capacity of 165mAh/g, which is higher than that of commercial materials
  • Electrolyte with wide temperature range: Laboratory-developed electrolyte is at a temperature of -20℃, and the batteries produced have a capacity 30% higher than that of commercial electrolyte. This significantly improved the performance of military batteries
  • High-efficient lithium battery with world leading performance: Our Research and Development Centre worked with Wu Congxiao’s Team to jointly research and develop the high-efficient lithium battery, the performance of which reflected the best technical indicators in the world and the highest technical level in the PRC. We are capable of industrial production and have already commenced batch production in Wuxi industrially
  • Wind and solar power storage integration street lamp and communication base station: We have obtained 11 patents in related fields for the products, which displayed excellent performance
  • Smart micro grid: micro grid wind and solar power generation system is a stand-alone distributed power supply system that can supply power independently without any reliance on power grid and will not consume any city electricity supply and is not subject to geographical restriction
  • Large storage system: Our Research and Development Centre has developed battery management system for containerized energy storage system and grid-connected devices for energy storage system. The efficiency of our product is 30% higher than that of similar domestic products. At present, large-capacity wind and solar energy storage systems have been adopted
  • Battery management system: We have been successful in developing battery management system for small wind and solar power storage integration
  • The vehicle control technology for electric vehicles: we are developing vehicle control system and drive components and etc. for electric vehicles, so as to jointly exploit the electric vehicle market
  • Charging point and charging system: established strategic cooperation partnership with Beijing branch of the State Grid, and due to unique marketing position of the State Grid, the cooperation and alliance have significant meaning in promoting, for sure, the staunch development of aerospace electric vehicles in Beijing market, and even markets all across the country significantly

The energy storage centre has recruited a dozen technical officers with master degrees and relevant working experience domestically and from foreign countries. Under the leadership of the existing technical management and core technical officers, research studies have been commenced in the professional aspects of batch production of graphene, production processes of anode and cathode materials and electrolyte, as well as sealing, packing and testing of batteries Each officer with doctorate or post-doctorate qualifications will lead one of the research and development aspects. Energy Storage Research and Development Centre and the original wind energy research and development centre of China Energine will also cooperate and complement each other for joint developments and joint researches on the relevant technologies of wind energy storage and of wind and solar energy storage integration, etc.

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