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Currently, there are various types of mainstream batteries in the market. However, iron phosphate lithium battery has the best consolidated performance such as that in respect of volume. The Group positions on the development of energy storage system with lithium battery as its core (based on lithium batteries) to form a high-end battery industry chain.

The performance of the power battery products is jointly researched and developed by the Group’s research and development centre and the Wu Cong Xiao research and development team has been certified by the state authoritative authority, the Weaponry Institute 201 with all product specifications positioning leading levels in China. The 1MW*1h container-style energy storage system was successfully connected to the grid at the Changshu trial base of China Enviormental Conservation Group on the first attempt. The product currently has been installed in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province for commissioning and operation. The entire photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system solves the problem with lacking electricity supply in the county. The project has also become a national demonstration project.

The market prospects of the high-performance lithium batteries of China Energine are promising, for example:
  • Just in the field of electric vehicles, there are five key technologies that limit the development of the electric vehicle industry: vehicle, motor, battery, electrical control and charging point system. The joint team of China Energine (including BMS of the Institute 18 and electrical control of the Institute 15) has maintained a leading edge in technology in the three key technological areas of battery technology, electrical control technology and charging point system. In particular, battery technology that is the most critical to the development of electric vehicles is precisely the greatest advantage of the joint team of China Energine
  • Energy storage systems incorporating the advantages of high-performance lithium batteries and BMS technology not only have tremendous market potential in the fields of wind power energy storage and solar energy storage but, more importantly, also huge market potential in fields such as banking, national security system reserve power supply, cargo ships, warships, aircraft carrier reserve power supply, island and smart grid systems and communication base stations. Following the revolutionary breakthrough in the performance-price ratio, the problem of urban power utilization during peaks and troughs will be solved through energy storage in the near future. The huge market prospects are attracting us to pursue innovation
  • The combination of the batteries jointly developed by the research and development centre of China Energine and the Wu Cong Xiao’s research and development team with the battery management system of China Energine will greatly improve the performance of the system. In wind power projects, energy storage systems developed from applying large capacity batteries may also be applied. This cooperation will be in huge market potential
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