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Among various types of mainstream batteries currently available in the market, the LFP battery boasts superior overall performance in terms of safety, recycled life and energy density. The Group is committed to the development of energy storage systems featuring mainly lithium batteries with a view to the formation of a high-end battery industry chain.

The high-performance lithium batteries of China Energine holds out enormous market prospects:

  • Energy storage systems built upon the strengths of high-performance lithium batteries and BMS technology not only have greater market potential in the wind power energy storage and solar energy storage sectors. More importantly, they also hold out immense market potential in sectors such as banking, standby power supply for national security systems, cargo vessels, warships, aircraft carriers, island and smart grid systems and communication base stations. With its revolutionary breakthrough in terms of price-performance, it is only a matter of time before the problem relating to peak and trough urban power consumption will be solved through energy storage. The enormous market prospects are driving China Energine towards ongoing innovation.
  • The batteries developed by the China Energine complemented by the battery management system of China Energine will greatly improve system performance. In wind power projects, energy storage systems may also be developed using large-capacity batteries. Such cooperation will hold out enormous market potential.
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