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20 Jan 2014 合作建設石家莊國際貿易城風光儲一體化工程的框架協定 (Provide Chinese Version only)
16 Jul 2012 風力發電機組低電壓穿越現場測試 (Provide Chinese Version only)
03 Feb 2010 China Energy awarded Silver Award in the Logo Design Category of the 2008/2009
International Mercury Awards
22 Jun 2009 航天直驅風機下線(出廠)慶典暨合作簽約儀式 (Provide chinese version only)
22 Jun 2009 讓中國風電産業的航天動力享譽世界 (Provide chinese version only)
22 Jun 2009 賀:航天直驅風機下綫 (Provide chinese version only)
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