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Overview of the New Energy Industry
  Clean Energy
  ‧Wind Turbine Manufacture
  ‧Investment in Construction
    and Operation of Wind
    Farm and Photovoltaic
  ‧Wind-Solar Energy Storage
  ‧Graphene Materials and
    Integration of Energy
    Storage System and
    Dynamical System
  ‧High Power Li-lon Battery
  Electric Vehicle Power
  Battery Management System
  Automotive Engine Management System
As China faces increasing environmental pollution, there is a growing call for environmental protection and clean energy across different sectors in the community. According to the “13th FYP Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Discharge Reduction” announced by the State Council, the government aims to facilitate the development of wind power with coordinated efforts, drive the large-scale development and diversified application of solar energy and increase the supply of low-carbon clean power supply, such that, as a percentage of total energy consumption, coal consumption will fall below 58% and consumption of non-fossil energy will increase to 15% by 2020. To achieve this goal, endeavors will be made to drive the transformative upgrade of the nation’s energy mix and procure the ongoing healthy development of the wind power industry. As such, the vigorous development of green and clean energy represents an essential process through the objective of sustainable development for China’s energy sector is to be attained.

To accelerate the development of the energy conservation and environmental protection sectors, drive related investments and consumption, foster new niches for economic growth, facilitate industry upgrade and transformation in the mode of development, procure energy conservation and discharge reduction, as well as bring about improvements in people’s livelihood, we have formulated specific tasks on all fronts and set out targets for the effective solution of the problem of wind power suspension and power supply restrictions in accordance with requirements under the “Renewable Energy Law” and the “13th FYP for Energy Development” and “13th FYP Development Plan for Renewable Energy”. From the “Renewable Energy Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Medium- to Long-term Development Planning for Renewable Energy” to statutory regulations and policies for various sectors announced by various authorities, the government has been introducing a range of measures to encourage the development of new energy and environmental conservation industries, and the future marketplace for the wind power business as well as the energy storage business will be effectively enhanced.

Leveraging its cutting-edge capabilities in scientific research, financial resources available from the capital market, as well as the formidable strengths of its parent company, China Energine has made preemptive moves into vantage points for technology and marketing, targeting the enormous potential of new energy, energy storage systems and related businesses.
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