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Overview of the New Energy Industry
  Clean Energy
  ‧Wind Turbine Manufacture
  ‧Investment in Construction
    and Operation of Wind
    Farm and Photovoltaic
  ‧Wind-Solar Energy Storage
  ‧Graphene Materials and
    Integration of Energy
    Storage System and
    Dynamical System
  ‧High Power Li-lon Battery
  Electric Vehicle Power
  Battery Management System
  Automotive Engine Management System
China Energine cooperates with the Institute 15 to develop vehicle control system, drives and other components, jointly expanding the electric vehicle market. The CALT’s Institute 15 has its traditional special advantage in vehicle control and integration.

Aerospace New Long March Electric Vehicle Technology Co. Ltd. (航天新長征電動汽車技術有限公司), a subsidiary of the Institute 15, is a member of the State Enterprise Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance and a key “Military to Civil” support project of Defence Technology Bureau. The company's main businesses include research and development, production and sales of electronic control products for electric vehicles. Product line includes series motor controllers, vehicle controllers, high voltage power distribution boxes and other electronic control products for electric vehicles.

The Institute 15 is committed to the development and production of pure electric power control system for electric vehicles. Its products have been widely used in pure electric-powered buses, pure electric-powered passenger cars, pure electric-powered sanitation vehicles, pure electric-powered mobile postal vehicles and other types of vehicles, providing vehicle manufacturers with a basket of solutions for power and control systems for pure electric-powered vehicles.

The "Four in One" controller developed by the CALT’s Institute 15 is integrated to a very high extent and a typical "system integration" product. "Four in One" vehicle controller refers to the design of containing motor driver, vehicle controller, high-voltage power distribution box and DC / DC power conversion in a control box to realize full integration of functions.

The “New Long March Electric Vehicle Technology Team" of the CALT’s Institute 15 has achieved relatively good market performance in the field of electric vehicles:

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