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China Energine International (Holdings) Limited is a high-end and high-growth new energy enterprise with strong technology R&D capabilities and resources and proven track records in commercialisation.

China Energine focuses on the manufacturing of wind turbines, development of wind farms, distributed energy, wind-solar energy storage integration, graphene energy storage and power systems for electric vehicles, which are businesses highlighted for national support. The Group covers the entire wind power industry chain with its capabilities in the R&D and production of equipment as well as the design, construction and operation of wind farms. The Group has been engaged in proprietary R&D and production of wind turbines for more than 15 years and R&D in graphene energy storage for 5 years. We own a number of proprietary new energy-saving environmental businesses, including excitation-magnetic direct-drive gearless wind turbines, graphene energy storage batteries and power management systems, all of which have been developed into industrial operations with success.

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology ("CALT"), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the Group’s major shareholder, is the cradle of China’s launch vehicles and the nation’s largest entity for the research, design and manufacture of launch vehicles. While completing missions in the scientific research, design and manufacture of launch vehicles with outstanding performance, CALT has also been actively engaged in capital operations in Hong Kong’s capital market to attain complementary benefits with China Energine and expand through an asset restructuring exercise involving CALT’s technologies for the application of new energy and new materials developed on the back of its advanced aerospace technologies, providing a solid foundation for the Group’s fast and healthy development.

Over the years, the brand of Aerospace has been developed into an influential brand name across the nation. Meanwhile, The Group has fostered sound working relationships with the provinces as well as close partnerships with major power groups through its long-term involvement in wind energy development.

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