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  • Wind Turbine Production Base
    The Group actively constructs aerospace wind power industry base through the investment and establishment of Inner Mongolia Xinghe Wind Turbine General Assembling Plant and Gansu Jiuquan Wind Turbine General Assembling Plant and restructuring of Jiangsu Nantong Wind Turbine General Assembling Plant, initially forming a wind power equipment assembling and production base covering the wind power markets across North and South China. In addition, the Group also established key turbine components production base focused on blades and turbine engines, i.e. Inner Mongolia Wind Turbine Blades Plant and Wuxi Turbine Engine Corporation, to establish a wind power equipment manufacturing system.
  • Manufacturing of Wind Turbines
    The Group has been engaged in procurement of components, assembling and manufacturing and installment and commissioning as well as technical services in respect of large and medium-sized directdrive wind turbines. It is equipped with advanced processing equipment and experienced production technicians. Annual production capacity currently could reach 600-800 wind turbines.
  • Manufacturing of Turbine Blades
    The Group has been engaged in the research and development, design, production and rendering service in respect of large structural composite material products such as turbine blades at MW level.
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