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Permanent Magnet Direct drive Wind Turbine
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Visionary work allows the Group to play a dominant role in the wind power field. Currently, wind power research and development centre has 120 technical staff specialized in wind power who possess extensive technology research and development ability and management experience. This centre is capable of doing various calculations and simulation software application and also equipped with laboratories and experimental wind farms in respect of environmental mechanics and motor control, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of wind power equipment of the Group.

Building on 900KW direct-drive wind turbines, the research and development centre jointly developed 2MW permanent-magnet directdrive wind turbines with proprietary intellectual property rights with a Europe's leading wind power plant; developed 1.5MW-2.0MW excitation magnetic directdrive wind turbines by itself; and is currently developing directdrive wind turbines above the level of 3MW to meet the future development of offshore wind power.

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