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  • Graphene – revolutionary energy storage material
    • Graphene is a flat thin layer in the form of hexagon-shaped honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms and is a two-dimensional material in a carbon atom thick
    • Graphene conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency, and has excellent mechanical and chemical properties as well as heat stability. It currently is the material with the lowest resistivity in the world
    • Graphene-based composite materials as a cathode material of lithium ion battery has a high-energy and high-power density and excellent cycle stability, suitable for the production of lithium ion battery with ultra-large capacity and quick charge- and-discharge capacity. It is also able to significantly increase the energy storage capacity and shorten charging time of the battery
  • Application of Graphene
    • Research and development of new graphene-based battery cathode materials, which are extensively applied in many fields such as aerospace military industry, lithium-ion batteries and super capacitors, have a huge market potential
    • Aerospace industry: graphene-based composite materials, high-power and high-capacity batteries, super capacitors and energy storage management system
    • Storage and system integration: 1. new energy field, including wind energy, solar energy storage and wind and solar power storage systems; 2. national security; and 3. financial security
    • High-performance batteries: power tools, mobiles, PDA, computers, electric vehicles and charging stations, electric bicycles and military
  • Research and development of graphene materials
    • The Group has entered into cooperative research and development agreements with well-known colleges and universities and enterprises domestically and abroad to realize batch production of high-quality graphene and high-performance energy storage battery pack, and has currently made phased progress
    • The Group has established China Energine’s Energy Storage Technology Research Centre in Beijing to carry out technical researches and pilot productions on the graphene battery cathode and anode and electrolyte; high-performance energy storage battery, energy storage integration and high-performance battery application
    • Particularly, the Group has made a substantive breakthrough on anode and cathode material batch production, various energy storage batteries as represented by electric vehicle batteries, wind and solar power storage integration application, storage system integration and energy management, battery production processing, and research and development of super capacitors for aerospace and industrial application
  • Major breakthroughs achieved in the areas of graphene technology
    • After more than two years of research and development, the Research and Development Centre of China Energine has achieved technological breakthroughs in possessing capacities of batch production and industrial promotion of graphene materials, with technological and cost advantages at leading position in domestic and international markets. The graphene electric conductive fluid researched and developed by the laboratory can substantially enhance the performance of fast charge-and-discharge, and the lifecycle, of batteries. At the multiple rate of 3C (charging or discharging in 20 minutes), the battery capacity can increase by more than 10%
    • Breakthrough in battery material: After graphene is added to the anode material of lithium iron phosphate battery, under the warranty of first time charging and discharging rate at 95%, the specific capacity has reached 165mAh/g, which is higher than commercial use materials. When fast charging and discharging at high multiple rate, the specific capacity is still able to be maintained at more than 90% of 1C capacity
    • Applications suitable for military industrial areas: When electrolyte of wide-temperature range developed by the energy storage centre is injected into the battery, the lithium battery can adapt to a temperature range of -20℃~+60℃ after testing, indicating that such battery fits for the standard for military use. At present, we have extended lithium battery applications to control systems relating to recovery of rocket parafoil in supplying electrical energy for the recovery of satellites and rockets
    • Breakthroughs have been achieved in the industrialization process: At present, the Research and Development Centre has already achieved significant breakthroughs in the batch production and industrial production of graphene materials and storage systems, with a daily production capacity of more than 1kg of graphene. A large-scale production line for graphene reactor could be constructed dependent upon the demand
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