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  • Graphene – revolutionary energy storage material
    • Graphene is a flat thin layer in the form of hexagonal honeycomb lattices made of carbon atoms, a two-dimensional material with the thickness of one carbon atom.
    • Graphene conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency, and has excellent mechanical and chemical properties as well as heat stability. It currently is the material with the lowest resistivity in the world
    • Graphene-based composite materials as a cathode material of lithium ion battery has a high-energy and high-power density and excellent cycle stability, suitable for the production of lithium ion battery with ultra-large capacity and quick charge- and-discharge capacity. It is also able to significantly increase the energy storage capacity and shorten charging time of the battery
  • Graphene Applications
    • R&D of new graphene-based battery anode and cathode materials with extensive applications in a variety of sectors, such as aerospace military industry, lithium-ion batteries and super capacitors, promising enormous market potential.
    • Aerospace industry: graphene-based composite materials, high-power and large-capacity batteries, super capacitors and energy storage management systems.
    • Storage and systems integration: 1. new energy sectors, including wind energy, solar energy storage and wind / solar power storage systems; 2. national security; and 3. financial security.
    • High-performance batteries: power tools, mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles and charging stations, electric bicycles and military applications.

  • R&D of graphene materials
    • The China Energine Graphene and Energy Storage Technology R&D Centre has been established to carry out technological research and pilot production on graphene applications, battery cathode, anode and electrolyte; high-performance energy storage batteries, energy storage systems integration and high-performance battery applications.
    • The Group possesses the technology of graphene production through oxidation-reduction and mechanical separation and owns 2 invention patents relating to graphene-mixed and graphene-wrapped LFP anode materials.
    • After 5 years of R&D efforts, China Energine is currently capable of promoting commercial production and industrialization of graphene materials as it enjoys technological and cost advantages on the back of superior technological standards. The graphene electric conductive fluid developed by the laboratory can substantially enhance the performance of fast charge-and-discharge, and the recycling lifespan of batteries. At the multiple rate of 3C (charging or discharging in 20 minutes), the battery discharge capacity can increase by more than 10%.
    • Breakthrough in battery materials: use of graphene-wrapped LFP battery anode materials allows a capacity maintenance ratio of over 80% at a low temperature of -20℃, while the high multiple discharging rate is 10-20% higher than that of LFP of ordinary multiple rates, offering better price performance.
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