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System Integration of Large and Medium Energy Storage Systems
  • The performance indicators of our current iron phosphate lithium battery technology have achieved an internationally leading level and have occupied the commanding height of technology. The specific performance indicators and highlights include:
    • Compared to similar products in the domestic market, our products are 30% higher in efficiency. In relying on our edges in electrical control and system integration, China Energine has developed a battery management system with container-type energy storage system and a grid connection device for the energy storage system.
    • The lithium iron phosphate battery jointly developed by the China Energine Research and Development Centre and the Wu Cong Xiao research and development team is utilized in the energy storage battery. The battery has a high energy ratio and long utilization life. Its energy ratio amounts to 130% of those of commercial batteries for general usage. The 2.5C cyclic charging can be repeated for up to 3,000 times, much higher than commercial batteries for general usage
    • Being the absolute leader in the electric vehicle application field, the charge capacity reaches running over 300 km per charge
    • The large capacity wind and solar power storage system has been applied with excellent performance. The MW-class energy storage system has been applied in Qumalai, Qinghai Province. The Qumalai Photovoltaic Power Station is a “Golden Sun Demonstration Project” of the state and is also the largest off-grid smart photovoltaic energy storage power generation project with the highest elevation and the greatest difficulty in design and construction in China
    • The photovoltaic installed capacity of the project amounts to 7.206MW. The ancillary energy storage device in the station has a capacity of 27 MW and ranks first among solar energy storage stations in the world in terms of both installed capacity and scale
Power Batteries

Introduction on Aerospace batteries

Aerospace battery
Packaging Soft pack, square-shaped
Type Lithium iron phosphate
Standard capacity AH 10---100
Specific energy(Wh/kg) 160
Security Good
Life of battery pack (charges) 2000
High-temperature performance Good
  • Edges of Aerospace power batteries over similar products
    • Energy density (lithium iron phosphate) is more than 20% higher, with mileage of over 200 km (approximately 250 km in effect) under air conditioning conditions in bus operation per charge being made on an all-electric bus;
    • It has a battery pack cycle life of more than 2,000 charges, with a quality guarantee period of over 5 years;
    • It is of the best performance price ratio;
    • As intelligent battery, with its life and depth for effective charging and discharging are greatly enhanced.
  • Technical advantages
    • High rate and low temperature battery technology;
    • High performance, large capacity and low cost soft package lithium iron phosphate power battery technology;
    • Series battery energy transfer type balanced module (intelligent batteries);
    • Additives specific to lithium iron phosphate power battery series;
    • A global exchange platform for research and development as well as collaborative development of advanced battery materials;
    • A China technical team consisting of original creators in the field of lithium ion batteries in China.
  • Product features
    • Reliance on technical advantages, it can provide high-performance iron phosphate lithium ion battery products;
    • Security: China Energine’s products in soft package completely solving potential safety hazard in terms of no inflammable and explosive problem;
    • Price advantages: simple production process, high production yield and competitive cost;
    • Long service life: China Energine’s battery pack can reach life of over 2,000 recycle charges and Feng Cheng (豐晟) could offer more than 5 years of quality guarantee period to users in effort to solve their concern on service life;
    • Low weight and small size: China Energine takes the international leading position in terms of the weight, size and energy density of iron phosphate lithium ion battery products capable of providing products 10%-30% lighter and smaller than its peers;
    • High consistency of battery pack: on strength of advanced production equipment and processing, variations among battery cells produced are very slight;
    • Authoritative certification: high power soft packaging iron phosphate lithium ion batteries produced by China Energine have passed 201 certification.
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