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Introduction on Aerospace Batteries

Aerospace Batteries
Seal and packing: square-shaped soft packing
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate LFP
Standard capacity: AH63
Battery / energy ratio (Wh/kg): 160
Safety: Good
Useful life (time) of battery pack: >2000
Performance under high temperature: Good

Technical advantages of Aerospace Batteries:

  • High multiple rate and low temperature battery technologies
  • High-performance, large-capacity and low-cost soft-packed LFP power battery technology
  • Balanced energy transfer module for connected batteries (smart batteries)
  • Special additives for serial LFP power batteries
  • Global platform for R&D, joint development and exchange relating to advanced battery materials

Product features:

  • LFP-ion battery products with outstanding performance backed by superior technology;
  • Safety: China Energine’s soft-packed products are thoroughly safe and hazard-proof with no concerns for combustion or explosion;
  • Price advantage: simple and efficient production processes offering cost competitiveness;
  • Longevity: a China Energine battery pack can be recycled for more than 2000 times;
  • Lightweight and small sized: LFP battery products are superior in qualitative energy density and volume energy density;
  • Excellent consistency in battery packs: batteries manufactured show minimal discrepancies thanks to advanced production equipment and processes;
  • Authoritative certification: the high-power soft-packed LFP batteries manufactured by China Energine are endorsed by reports of national authorities having passed relevant mandatory tests;

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