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Type of Wind Turbines

1.5MW variable-speed
constant-frequency wind turbine
annual production capacity of 600-800 wind turbines
2MW excitation/ permanent-magnet
directdrive wind turbine
3MW excitation direct-drive wind turbine under research and development, trial-production
5MW excitation direct-drive wind turbine under planning

Technical Parameter for Wind Turbines

Technical Parameter

Type Item Unit HWDL2000/90 HWDL2000/93 HWDL2000/97 HWDL2000/101
Type of Wind Turbine Three blades, horizontal shaft, upwind, variable speed and pitching
Unit Grade IEC IIA Enhancement IEC IIIA IEC IIIA S
Rated Power kW 2,000
Rotor Diameter m 90 93 97 101
Rated Revolution Speed r/m 16.5
Cut-in Wind Speed m/s 3
Rated Wind Speed m/s 12 11 10 10
Cut-out Wind Speed m/s 25 23
Survival Wind Speed m/s 70 52.5
Operation Ambient Temperature -30 ~ -40
Equipment Availability % ≥95
Hub Height m 75 75 75(85) 85
Generator Type / Model Excitation inner rotor, low-speed multipolar synchronous generator
Rated Power kW 2,200
Rated Voltage V 690
Rated Revolution Speed r/m 16.5
Rated Frequency Hz 11
Cooling Mode Air and water cooling Air cooling
Insulation Class F
Protection Grade IP54
Converter Type / Model IGBT Full Power
Rated Power kW 2,000
Rated Voltage V 690
Output Frequency Hz 47.5 ~ 51.5
Rated Power Factor -0.95 ~ +0.95
Braking System Primary Braking System Aerodynamic braking (three-blade feathering)
Secondary Braking System Hydraulic and mechanical braking (used in maintenance status)
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