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  • Wind and Solar Power Storage Street Lamps and Communication Base Stations
    • The wind and solar power integration products of China Energine have obtained 11 patents in the relevant fields with excellent product performance. The Aerospace UGE vertical axis wind turbine delivers the best performance in the international market. Following replacement with a lithium battery, the battery itself may have a life span of more than 8 years;
    • Solar photovoltaic panels have a life span of 25 years; LED street lamps have a life span of more than 5 years; wind turbines use permanent magnet synchronous motors and have a service life span of more than 10 years.
    • Lead acid batteries can be charged and discharged for 500 times while lithium batteries can be charged and discharged for 3,000 times. Lithium batteries can achieve 98% depth of discharge for long-term running while lead acid batteries only have 75% depth of discharge.
    • Provided that prices do not increase, the performance-price ratio of lithium battery street lamps calculated during the whole life cycle is high. The battery pack can be charged at a low voltage by increasing step up circuits in the controller. Through the optimization of algorithm, it can be guaranteed that the street lamp can maintain its lighting for 3 days or above under extreme meteorological conditions, i.e. cloudy and no wind for a sustained period.
    • Because of environmental problems associated with lead acid batteries, lithium batteries are very popular when increasing the capacity of newly constructed 3G, 4G base stations or existing base stations. Compared to lead acid batteries, communication operators may reduce the requirements on the indoor air conditioning temperature when using lithium batteries, thus achieving significant energy saving results. Lithium batteries have significant advantages over lead acid batteries in terms of safety and stability.
  • Smart Micro-grid
    • The complementary wind energy and solar energy system is an independent distributed power supply system which can supply electricity wholly independent of the grid. While not consuming city power, it is not subject to geographical restrictions. If it is convenient to connect to the grid, it can draw electricity from the grid during cloudy and rainy days and achieve the function of “surplus connected to the grid” during days with good climate. Meanwhile, it can effectively reduce the price of energy storage battery systems.
    • Given the strong complementarity between solar energy and wind energy, the complementary wind energy and solar energy system has rectified the imbalance and instability of independent wind energy and solar energy systems in terms of resources. The system capacity can be deployed reasonably in accordance with the user’s electrical load and resource conditions. While the reliability of power supply of the complementary wind energy and solar energy system can be guaranteed, the price of the power generation system can be reduced.
    • Can be used in places where grid cabling is inconvenient such as peak villas, rural farms, islands, border posts, communication base stations and unmanned electrical devices.
    • The technical characteristics of the micro-grid complementary wind energy and solar energy power generation system
    • Utilize solar photovoltaic panels of premium domestic brands with a designed life of 25 years
    • Off-grid/grid-connection photovoltaic inverter which can be used separately off the grid in regions without a grid and can also be used with city power by connecting to the grid, thus achieving the functions of the self-consumption of power generated and “surplus connected to the grid”
    • Long-life iron phosphate lithium energy storage battery which can be used for more than 8 years
    • The vertical axis wind turbine can be started with Class 1 wind with high efficiency and stability, not necessary for facing the wind
    • By applying the magnetic levitation technology, the wind turbine generator can generate power without mechanical friction
    • The streamlined wind blades make the rotation of the wind turbine more stable. The wind energy utilization rate is increased and no noise is produced.
    • Corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, moisture-proof, water-proof, wind and sand prevention, high efficiency, long life, maintenance-free
    • The application of aviation and aerospace composites makes wind turbine products lighter, and mechanical strength greater
    • Pass national quality system certification: ISO 9001 international quality system certification, European CE certification, U.S. UL certification and SWCC international small wind turbine performance certification
    • Ambient temperature for use: -20℃~+50℃; relative humidity: 20%~90%
    • Installation environment: suitable for areas which can utilize solar energy resources of Class III or above, or locations with an annual average wind speed of 0.5m/s or above (the maximum wind speed does not exceed 50m/s)
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