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Overview of the New Energy Industry
  Clean Energy
  ‧Wind Turbine Manufacture
  ‧Investment in Construction
    and Operation of Wind
    Farm and Photovoltaic
  ‧Wind-Solar Energy Storage
  ‧Graphene Materials and
    Integration of Energy
    Storage System and
    Dynamical System
  ‧High Power Li-lon Battery
  Automotive Engine
Management Systems
  ‧Advantages of Vehicle
    Control and System
  ‧Charging Pile and Charging
  Battery Management System
  New Material Application
China Energine has established joint ventures with five major power groups in China to jointly invest in and build up wind farms, with a total installed capacity reaching 430MW.

The group plans to develop 500,000 KW wind farms by 2010, 1 million KW wind farms by 2015 and 2 million KW wind farms by 2020.

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