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Overview of the New Energy Industry
  Clean Energy
  ‧Wind Turbine Manufacture
  ‧Investment in Construction
    and Operation of Wind
    Farm and Photovoltaic
  ‧Wind-Solar Energy Storage
  ‧Graphene Materials and
    Integration of Energy
    Storage System and
    Dynamical System
  ‧High Power Li-lon Battery
  Electric Vehicle Power
  Battery Management System
  Automotive Engine Management System
This product has enormous potential for application in regions where power supply is in shortage and power grids are weak. In addition to the relevant policies on the solution of power grid transmission issues, the government has also announced policies encouraging the development of distributed energy, offering stronger incentives and support for new energy supply models such as distributed energy and wind-solar energy storage integration, in a bid to promote the development of energy storage technology and intelligent micro-grid.

Energy storage systems

  • Large energy storage system is an effective way to increase the consolidated utilisation efficiency of energy and can resolve the issue of mismatched timing and space for supply and demand. The energy storage system serves to maintain stability in electricity supply to achieve balance in electricity load and faster response of the power grid. The energy storage system facilitates flexible allocation of energy supply in the transmission and distribution of electricity, contributing to better quality in electricity supply.

  • Small wind and solar power storage integration systems can effectively solve issues such as power shortage in specific areas, internal consumption of enterprises and back-up power supply for enterprises. They are environment-friendly, efficient in energy conservation, stable and safe and flexible in use. Following comprehensive optimization in systems integration, battery efficiency and intelligent management, they command broad prospects in application and enormous market opportunities

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