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Beijing Delphi Wanyuan Engine Management Systems Co., Ltd. (“Delphi Wanyuan”), a joint venture of the Company, reported sales revenue in excess of RMB2.89 billion for 2017. Delphi Wanyuan owns more than 20 production lines and its domestically manufactured product line comprises mainly parts and components of electric spray systems, such as paint spray systems, fuel transmission system, gas supply regulation systems and sensors, discharge test sensors and ignition coils. All products have met the world’s generally accepted regulations and standards for discharge and emission. The successive launch of product series MT20, MT20U, MT20U2, MT22U, MT34, MT60, MT80 and MT22.1 has enhanced the competitiveness of the Company. Delphi Wanyuan is currently the second largest supplier of engine management systems in the domestic automotive market with a market share of over 10%.

A joint venture between Delphi of the United States and CALT officially commencing production in 2000, Delphi Wanyuan is principally engaged in the development and production of automotive engine management systems (electronic fuel injection systems). In November 2012, Delphi Wanyuan was relocated from its old plant at Tongji North Road to a new site at 19 Boxing Road, Kaifa District. Built with a total investment of RMB360 million on a site of close to 30,000 square metres, the new plant features a production base and an R&D centre principally engaged in the production of electronic control systems for automotive engines and the R&D of engine management systems and gearbox control systems. Upon relocation to the new site, Delphi Wanyuan has established two new ignition coil lines for supply to Beijing Benz and Volkswagen China. The addition of these two production lines has not only further enhanced the reputation of Delphi Wanyuan in the market for the parts and components of engine management systems, but has also resulted in the recognition and approval of the Company’s feature products by an increasing number of renowned international companies.

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