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Rare-earth permanent-magnet motors are characterized by high precision of speed tuning, high speed tuning ratio, stiff output characteristics, small volume, light weight, high power/mass ratio, high system efficiency, simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance etc, in full conformity to the development direction of the industry as determined by the state, and meet the urgent needs of our country and even the whole world to conserve energy, lower consumption and reduce emissions. It is widely applied in aerospace, aviation, national defense, equipment manufacturing, industrial and agricultural production, and all aspects in daily life, thereby offering a broad development prospect.

Rare-earth R&D Centre
The centre developed more than a hundred models rare-earth motors. It has the completely independent self-developed intellectual property rights, and has obtained for invention patent and more than twenty utility new make patents, filling in many technology gaps. The products are primarily applied in the industry of elevator, large-thrust screw pump, lifting appliance, oil exploration machinery, and national defense and military field, etc.

The centre, possessing the original momentum for autonomous innovation and utilizing its self-developed techniques on permanent-magnet rare-earth motor, accomplished the transformation of the localization technology relating to 900KW synchronous motor and its control system, and developed 2MW permanent-magnet synchronous motor, guaranteeing the availability of the core parts of the direct-drive wind turbines.

Rare-earth Permanent-Magnet Motor
China Energine’s products cover rare-earth permanent-magnet gearless traction machines with traction ratios of 1:1 and 2:1, maximum load of 400-1600kg, maximum speed of 1.0-6.0m/s, and maximum power of 4.5-67.5KW, being the highest technical level and the broadest coverage, filling in the technology gap in the gearless aspect of the domestic elevator. The products with annual production of more than 10,000 are primarily applied in the industry of dragging elevator, realizing the development of industrialization of rare-earth motors.

In realizing the target of development of aerospace wind powers in terms of large scale industrialization, as well as localization of high-power permanent-magnet synchronous generator applied in wind turbine, the group acquired the controlling shareholding of a well-known factory manufacturing motor, realizing localization of manufacturing of 900 KW permanent-magnet synchronous motor and its drive system, and 2MW permanent-magnet synchronous motors.

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