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  New Energy Development Business
  Wind Farm Operations
The Group is cooperating with a number of research institutes under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in the R&D on various aspects of electric vehicle power systems, including:
  • Development and operation of projects and products including electric vehicles, special vehicles, vehicles for special operations, low-speed electric vehicles, power and control systems for vehicles, motor controllers, transport equipment, conveying machinery equipment and automotive instruments and meters.
  • R&D of energy management for batteries and energy storage systems and joint development with the China Energine team of super capacitors urgently required by the military industry.
  • Cooperation with China Energine in the manufacturing of anode and cathode materials.
China Energine boasts capabilities in the R&D and manufacturing of electric motors, electric controls and battery power systems. Jiangsu Energine Technology Company Limited, its subsidiary, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of permanent-magnetic e motors with capacities for commercial production of electric vehicle motors as well as integrated control systems for electric vehicles. The Company develops components for electric vehicles, such as whole-vehicle control systems and drives, in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Technology Company Limited (電動汽車技術有限公司), a subsidiary of the major shareholder, in a joint effort to explore the market for electric vehicles.

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