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Overview of the New Energy Industry
  Clean Energy
  ‧Wind Turbine Manufacture
  ‧Investment in Construction
    and Operation of Wind
    Farm and Photovoltaic
  ‧Wind-Solar Energy Storage
  ‧Graphene Materials and
    Integration of Energy
    Storage System and
    Dynamical System
  ‧High Power Li-lon Battery
  Electric Vehicle Power
  Battery Management System
  Automotive Engine Management System
  • As an industrial project leveraging the capacity and advantages of [China Aerospace] in systems integration, the R&D and manufacturing of wind power equipment underpins its ability to independently pursue innovation and breakthrough in technology. Currently, the Group is principally engaged in the production of: 1.5MW excitation-magnetic direct-drive, 2MW permanent-magnetic direct-drive, 2MW excitation-magnetic direct-drive and 3MW permanent-magnetic direct-drive wind turbine units. We are also stepping up with our efforts in the R&D of high-power direct-drive wind turbines with capacity of 3MW or above. Meanwhile, the Group also owns the technology and capacity for the manufacturing of core parts and components complementary to the technology for the assembly of wind turbines, such as power generators, blades and control systems.

  • Features of directdrive wind turbine
    • Direct drive: the strong starting torque represents a main feature for large-sized wind turbines going forward.
    • Compared to traditional wind turbines, the direct-drive wind turbine is more reliable in performance thanks to a simplified motion structure for the turbine unit which has reduced the number of components required and substantially enhanced the reliability of the unit.
    • Greater efficiency in power generation: the removal of the gear box reduces wear-and-tear through mechanical motion and increases the efficiency of power generation, especially in an environment of low wind speed.
    • Adaptability to different environments such as sand/dust, high altitude, high salt mist and high temperature.
    • Total power conversion: providing better grid adaptability, lower content of harmonic wave and premium quality power sources for on-grid supply
    • Independent design of cabin, power generator and hub components: making transportation and lifting easier and less costly.
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